Dispatch Control integrated Fax Solution!

Want to manage your transactions even faster and help the environment at the same time? Get Dispatch Control integrated Fax Solution! With integrated fax you are able to receive and send documents digitally anytime anywhere!

DC gaxNo need to keep or buy a fax machine, no need to waste paper printing spam and other unneeded faxes and the most important thing to need to keep tons of boxes in your office with old printed faxes wasting your valuable space and then spending hours trying to locate that important invoice sent to you by fax last month. All your faxes will be in one place at the tip of your fingers, that’s right. You simply get a fax number which will be integrated to your account at Dcontrol.com.

All of the documents that were sent to your fax number now will just simply come to your Dispatch Control account easy to use inbox and from there you can attach them to any customer account or any customer job, invoice, delivery etc. when you need to find this fax year later all you need to do just find that invoice in the system and all the documents and faxes will be attached there in one place.

This service will allow you to: 

  • Get documents regardless of your location and time 
  • Make sure that every documents that is sent will be delivered to you 
  • Save your paper, ink, by viewing and saving it digitally 
  • Easily store and find any document that is being faxed  
  • Keep your ongoing business whole at one place 
No need to worry if your phone line is busy, with integrated fax from Dispatch Control its always open! Make your work efficient and convenient with the technology tools we provide!

Dispatch Control Beta Testing

Thanks for your interest in Dispatch Control. 
Currently we are performing beta testing and 
system is not available to a general public yet.
If you would like to be notified when system 
becomes available please leave your email 
and we will keep you posted. 


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