Reefer Truck Load from WARREN, Ohio to HOUSTON, Texas

Load Information
Pickup Location: WARREN, OH
Drop Location: HOUSTON, TX
Pickup Date and Time: 02/14/2017
Drop Date and Time: --
Mileage: --
Payment Amount: --
Has beed Viewed: 9
Has beed Requested: --
Load Details
Equipment Types: R - Reefer
Equipment Attributes: --
Load Size: TL
Load Weight: 39000 lbs
Load Length: 53
Number of Stops: --
Load Qty: 1
Extra Information: --
Comment: Ext 174154 Load 9165973
Contact Information
Company Name: Coyote Logistics
Company Location: --
Contact Name: Dispatch
Contact Phone Number: (773) 799-2118
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