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Theresa McNeal on 01.25.2017 Review for JERRY SUND TRUCKING INC.
Service Providers BEWARE !!! Jerry Sund Trucking called Clarke Power Services to service their 2009 Freightliner in FEBRUARY 2016! AND STILL HAS NOT PAID THE BILL AFTER NUMEROUS CALLS AND MESSAGES!!!
William Urban on 12.20.2016 Review for POPLAR GROVE FARM II, LLC
Mark Ward, I second your comment exactly. I'm impressed enough to seek out this site so no other conclusion is possible.
William Urban
Catonsville, Md.
Steve on 11.01.2016 Review for MANAL TRANS LLC
CASH REWARD FOR HELP – I’m looking for a 2007 Volvo 670 4V4NC9GH77N478429. Last known person to have possession is MAHMOUD K RAMADAN.
Suzette Simpson on 08.04.2016 Review for HILLBILLY TRUCK'N LLC
Hillbilly Truck'n was contracted to deliver a load of produce to Oconomowoc, WI. The load was rejected at the receiver. The drive/owner then kept the load hostage and refused any alternate receivers. He then took the load to his home. He demanded a large amount of money in addition to the contracted amount before he would crossdock the load to another truck from another company. He demanded payment of the contract amount and the additional money before he would go to the cross dock facility. He caused such a scene at that facility that the police had to be called. An additional amount also had to be paid to the new truck taking over the load to keep him from leaving due to this scene. We have requested repayment for the additional demand money as well as the fees incurred for the comcheck. Hillbilly Truck'n is refusing to pay.
Mike Skinner of Cambe Chevrolet Buick in Knox IN on 08.01.2016 Review for ENSLEY & SON'S BROKERAGE LLC
We threw a VERY tough assignment at Matt Ensley from Ensley and Sons, right before the 4th of July this year. We needed a new vehicle picked up in Sheboygan, WI, and delivered to Neillsville, WI. Once in Neillsville, once the delivery was made, that dealer would give the driver another vehicle that was to be delivered to Knox, IN. Short notice, holiday weekend, multi-stop, multi-state. It took a week longer than Matt thought it would, and given that it was a holiday weekend I can't say I'm surprised, but the job got done, both vehicles being moved arrived at their destinations in great condition, professional drivers. Price-wise, Ensley can't be beat. Great job, Matt.
Shelli Roberts on 07.29.2016 Review for KINDER-ERBE LLC
James Hogan had my son (his friend) wire him $ 700.00 to put his car on a trailer along with others and he would drop it off to him in Flagstaff, Arizona. He gave us the run around for 45 days - not joking -45 days - had my son driving from the Grand Canyon to meet him in Flagstaff and he didn't show up. Never showed up. Was never there but had possession of our vehicle. We have hundreds of text messages from him saying he was in Arizona and he was never in Arizona. The car never left Arkansas. We threatened him with having him arrested for theft of a vehicle and all of a sudden he told us the street we could find it. Wouldn't give us the Street number but I googled it and found it. I knocked on the door and spoke with his "Aunt" at the address. She suspects he has money issues. Now I have to get an attorney and sue him for the $ 700.00 deliver fee that was paid the $ 150.00 cab ride back to the Grand Canyon which he said he would pay. DO NOT USE THIS Company for anything. They are con artists. BEWARE.
Edna Benedict on 05.18.2016 Review for AARONSON VAN LINES INC
I love Aaronson Van Lines Service. Quality service with excellent cooperation. The communication was great, the quality of work was to ensure customer's satisfaction. And I am more than just satisfied. Great job!!
James on 04.28.2016 Review for S & G TRANSPORT LLC
This company was supposed to ship my car from oregon to texas. They lied about pickup times, when i called to find out the problem, my dad , who had the car, was contacted by the driver who was very threatening to him. Very unprofessional company, i would never recommend using them. I have since canceled the pickup and am going to pick it up myself.
Ron Kang on 04.12.2016 Review for ELITE LOGIX INC
Fantastic people to work with. I give them a lot of over the road, high value freight. They choose all the professional carriers for my shipments. They go above and beyond to solve any problems and their after hours support is fantastic...Gotta love them!
JD on 03.29.2016 Review for TRANSMEDIK SPECIALIZED INC
I have worked with Transmedik Specialized for several years. I haven't found anyone that can beat their level of dedication, service or pricing. This company is an all around win!! I highly suggest that anyone looking for new transportation partners give this company a try.
Joe Truck Driver on 02.25.2016 Review for KTENN TRANSPORT LLC
Good loads, decent equipment...good promises to pay for drivers... but that's about where the good ends. Now for the bad..., hot payroll checks, rubber payroll checks, they'll sweet talk you into driving another load for them and promise after promise to get you paid and caught up... meanwhile, the boss will use the money drawn off your current load, to pay the bail, after being arrested for the felony check another driver turned in to the prosecutor a week or two earlier... then immediately after getting out of jail, they'll turn around and write you another rubber check as well, knowing you wont know it bounced for another couple weeks of you out on the road making them money... you get mad, quit, they hire another guy and in a week or two the scheme continues.... oh, did I forget to mention.. they dole out just enough cash to the driver to barely get the truck to it's destination and back home and you'll sit hours or even days waiting on western union in truck stops for just enough money for fuel to get back to home terminal. The noise coming from the lips of the boss is sweet, wonderful, apologetic... whatever it needs to be to get you back out in the wind... but if the lips are moving... it's likely to be anything but the whole truth. I'd stay away from them..if you doubt the validity of this review... look the company and owners up on Missouri Case Net
Rich on 01.26.2016 Review for ALPHA TRANSPORT
On 1/26/16 I witnessed an Alpha Transport truck in Brooklyn running red lights and driving recklessly in snowy hazardous conditions.
Hwy 101 on 01.13.2016 Review for ESHIPONE INC
The worse of the worse, the owner Nicole Campbell and her husband Majid Khan are professional swindlers, I did 4 trips to MN for them and the cheat refuses to pay, drivers be ware of this apparently nice couple
Chuck on 01.05.2016 Review for LITMAX EXPRESS CO

Chuck on 01.05.2016 Review for LITMAX EXPRESS CO
Litmax picked up a partial load (Aframe of granite slabs) for Streamline, LLC. in February 2015. After the Aframe
Mark Ward on 12.06.2015 Review for POPLAR GROVE FARM II, LLC
Second year buying Christmas tree from Poplar Grove Farms, Beautiful trees each time..
I live in Md. Long trip for trees, still look great when freed from the netting.
Mark Ward
william saylor on 12.01.2015 Review for WILLIAM G SAYLOR JR
business has been closed since 2007
Tim Farrell on 11.30.2015 Review for AVENSYS LOGISTICS LLC
Don't give Avensys Logistics LLC any credit
Robin on 11.13.2015 Review for CECO LOGIS INC
Bad Service provided by one of their drivers, perhaps he was having a bad day but they can't be giving consignees bad attitudes.
I was recommended this company through one of the hotels we use for our corporate meetings. I emailed our itinerary to them and they took care of the rest. We spent a week in the area going to some of our distributers, evening entertainment and visiting the manufacturing sites.
What impressed me the most was the flexibility they had for us, and being able to change times and volume of passengers within a reasonable amount of time.
I will continue to use this company when our meeting are here and for clients and executives needing transport while in the area.

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